*Cozy Classics: Oliver Twist by Jack Wang & Holman Wang

*Cozy Classics: Oliver Twist by Jack Wang & Holman Wang

$ 9.95


As soon as Oliver Twist is born, his mother dies, leaving him a poor, neglected orphan. At nine he is sent to a workhouse where he toils away picking oakum. One day, the other boys, hungry from being underfed, make Oliver ask for more gruel. The authorities are outraged and punish him, and soon he runs away.

In London, Oliver meets a boy named Jack, aka The Artful Dodger, who knows a man with a place to stay. The man turns out to be Fagin, a criminal who runs a gang of pickpockets. When Jack steals a handkerchief from a gentleman named Mr. Brownlow, Oliver is mistaken for the thief, but Mr. Brownlow refuses to press charges. Instead he takes care of Oliver, who bears a striking resemblance to someone he knows.

Eventually Oliver is brought back to Fagin and made to help with a burglary, but the burglary goes awry, and Oliver is found by the woman of the house, Rose. Young, kind, and beautiful, Rose takes a shine to Oliver, and they spend a happy summer together in the countryside. When Oliver discovers that Rose is really his mother’s younger sister, he realizes he has a family after all!


Cozy Classics uses a simple one word/one image format to help babies and toddlers build vocabulary and learn everyday concepts such as body parts, emotions, animals, relationships, actions, and opposites. However, Cozy Classics organizes everyday words in a more unique way: through story. By putting words in the context of a story, our books help children find further meaning through a growing sense of narrative.

As children get older, parents can expand on the stories in ever more elaborate ways. If you need a little help, just use the brief synopsis on the back of each book or the longer synopses (the Cozy version) above. But there’s no right or wrong way to read Cozy Classics. Use the words and images as prompts to invent stories of your own and encourage your children to do the same.