Which diaper is right for us?

Welcome to the world of cloth diapering! One of the biggest stumbling blocks when entering the world of cloth, in my opinion, is deciding on a type of diaper (a decision I know I agonized over for weeks!).
Because the start-up costs of cloth diapering can be intimidating, especially when compared to the cost of a package of disposable diapers, it seems you have to choose perfectly for fear you will invest in a diaper which ends up not working for your family. How daunting indeed!
But this is not the case! Rather than trying to research all of the brands and individual diapers available, I instead recommend researching the types of cloth diapers out there. Once you have figured out the type(s) of diapers you want to use, then focus your research on the individual options available. By focusing your research in this way, you ensure you are not test driving a Porsche on a Ford budget (I use this analogy endearingly, as my father owned a Ford franchise for many, many years), or kicking the tires of a two-door when you really need that minivan.

Read on for three scenarios, and pick which one suits your family best. (Feel as though you are getting ahead of yourself? Check out our help! section for more information.)

Total Economy

Cloth diapering to save money? Contours, Prefolds or Flats + Covers are a great way to stretch your cloth diapering dollars the furthest. As the covers are reusable between changes, you only need change the inner absorbency. Rotate between two or three covers through the day, and you are ready to go.

Economy + Convenience
Want the ease of a disposable balanced with the economy of an inexpensive diapering solution? This combination is for you! Mix and match your diaper stash to suit your needs. Perhaps some All-In-Ones for the babysitter and grandparents, some Pockets for overnights and the diaper bag, and Prefolds + Covers for daytime.

Total Convenience
Cloth diapering to save the planet or keep chemicals off little one's bum? All-In-OneAll-In-Two or Pocket diapers are great for those who wish for a diaper change as easy as changing a disposable. Simply remove the dirty diaper, lay a clean diaper beneath little one and secure closed.
If you are still debating, consider a cloth diaper trial package. Think of a trial package as a way to take the car out for a spin before handing over the check. You can practice life with cloth and experiment with different types and brands to see what suits both you, your baby, and your lifestyle the best.