Storing Cloth Diapers

Ready to Pack away your little one's diapers?
Well, as many have reported you aren't likely ready to say goodbye to this stage of your little one's life. But when you are ready, here is your guide.
  1. Wash all the diapers one last time. If you battled any sort of stink or smell issues, you should consider stripping one last time, so the diapers packed away are free of any possible detergent remnants.
  2. Dry the diapers in the sun. This will help bleach out any old stains. In addition, the UV rays will kill off any last bits lurking in the diapers. Stubborn stains? Rewet any stained areas, then squeeze fresh lemon juice over the areas. Re-sun, then do one hot wash to pull out any of the remaining juice.
  3. Store any inserts, prefolds and flats as flat as possible, to prevent creases from forming.
  4. Close diaper (either snaps or hook & loop).
  5. Store diapers in a breathable container, in an area not exposed to temperature extremes.