1. Applecheeks Mini Zip: I use these for EVERYTHING! Cloth wipes, 1-2 dirty diapers, traveling (fits a toothbrush + toothpaste + floss perfectly!), organizing bathroom drawers (one mini zip is entirely devoted to my daughters hair bows), mama cloth + FemmyCycle cup, laptop charger + mouse, snacks….the list goes on and on. For real - you can’t have too many.
  2. Covered Goods: I am in love with this multi-tasker, and it lives in my diaper bag. It slips over your neck and provides 360* coverage while nursing. Try as he might, my son can’t punch/kick it off. It’s a super soft, stretchy, breathable, light weight material, so neither one of us gets hot. It’s also perfect for covering shopping carts and highchairs, protecting from all of the nastiness lurking there. Or, some days I’ll just wear it as a cute scarf!
  3. Rody: Pretty much endless entertainment. Both of my kids absolutely love Rody! He’s made with super sturdy latex, so they use it outside and inside. A great way to get their limitless wiggles out.
  4. Tula: I don’t go anywhere without it! Super squishy padding that hits all of the right places, so it’s really comfortable.
  5. Mantraband: Beautiful and simplistic pieces of jewelry that have some amazing messages. My favorite - “Enjoy The Journey.” Such an important reminder to see throughout the day when times get a little tough.
  6. Snow & Arrow Slippers: Both of my kids have wide, chubby, squishy feet, and these shoes fit them perfectly. They are easy to get on wiggly feet, but really difficult for them to pull off.
  7. Plan Toys Rescue Car: We have a giant, overflowing toy box, and this little car is played with more than anything. It’s incredibly sturdy and made with all non-toxic materials. The siren and police man spin as it rolls!
  8. Thirsties Hemp Prefolds: So, so, so, absorbent! Both of my kids have been heavy wetters, and these are one of the only diapers I could throw on them and not think twice about a leak. I use them in covers, as an insert in a pocket, or paired with wool for overnight.
  9. Re-Play: I first fell in love with the sippy cups - not a ton of tiny parts and really easy to clean. Eventually we added in bowls, spoons/forks, divided plates, flat plates, and snack stackers, and I got rid of all of the random cups/plates we had collected. They are dishwasher safe and really durable. Plus, the colors are so fun!
  10. acorn & leaf toddler infinity scarf: These are adorable! My daughter is in love! It has a snap closure, and can double as a headband for me.