I’m Kierstin! My husband and I have two little girls and two cats, who are named after Harry Potter characters (the cats are anyway, the children are named after comic book villains!). We are super nerdy in our house! We love all things related to Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Pokémon, or Lord of the Rings. When I’m not at the store (wearing little Miss S on my back, of course!) you’ll likely find me snuggling with my girls or out exploring Kansas City! From the moment I first walked into IBB I felt at home. My goal at the store is for you to always feel welcome. I found my village when I found IBB, I hope you find yours with us too!

Top 10 Things to Buy at IBB:

  1. Amber- This stuff is magic! I can see a total difference in myself and my kids when we take it off. I swear by it. If I could buy all of the amber necklaces in the world and hand them out on the street, I would!
  2. Carriers- I love that we carry so many different kinds of carriers! There is a carrier out there for you! Buy it, embrace it, and love it! Being hands free is amazing! I wear Miss S at least 7 hours a day, six days a week. I have no idea how I lived before my Tula.
  3. Lalabye Baby- This is seriously my favorite brand of diaper! I love how versatile it is and it didn’t break the bank!
  4. Rody- This is the coolest thing ever designed for kids! It is rated to hold up to 100 pounds! My kids will be able to use it forever! When Miss S isn’t jumping on him, she is chewing on this ears! So it doubles as a teether…. BONUS!
  5. CJ’s- We use CJ’s for EVERYTHING at our house. It is the equivalent to “Just put some windex on it!” in my life. I love that it doesn’t have anything in it I can’t pronounce.
  6. Uncle Goose- I LOVE these classic wooden blocks! We are attempting to rid our house of battery operated toys (for my own sanity). These blocks bring our collection together. They are beautiful! I could seriously spend hours looking through their products! They are the perfect addition to any toy collection.
  7. Babiators- If you’ve ever gone near the babiators, you’ve probably heard one of us say “Have you heard about their AMAZING warranty??” Babiators will replace your sunglasses if they are lost or broken for the cost of shipping ($5.95) My big kid has super sensitive eyes, and has owned about 15 pairs of sunglasses. She will reach for her brilliantly orange babiators EVERY single time!
  8. EcoVessel- If you know me, you know I have a love of ice. I have searched high and low for a way to make my ice last through the day. I found the holy grail of ice vessels when I found these guys! I can leave ice in the same container for the whole day! Gone is the need to run to sonic 6,000 times a day for ice (that has melted the past 5,999 times, because I eat it slowly). After I bought mine, everyone in our house needed one!
  9. Jellycat- I think I speak for everyone on staff when I say, these are the world’s best stuffed animals! I also love that they come in animals you wouldn’t typically see made. Cyril the Sloth is in my top 5 Jellycats.
  10. Babylit- These books are to die for! They are beautifully made and bring the classics to life for children. I love being able to share my love of Edgar Allen Poe with my daughter (who is four) in a way that isn’t completely terrifying.