Hello! I'm Jennifer.

I joined the Itsy Bitsy Bums team in June of 2016. I live in Overland Park with my husband, our happy baby boy and our goldendoodle, Suva. I first discovered Itsy Bitsy Bums while I was pregnant with my son. I walked in feeling extremely overwhelmed and knowing only that I wanted to cloth diaper and pretty much nothing else. I had no idea what I was doing. The staff at Itsy Bitsy Bums made me feel like I could handle it, and I walked out feeling so empowered and excited. Since then, my love of all things cloth (all things baby, really) has continued to grow! I love being a part of this fabulous team and having the opportunity to teach customers about cloth diapers, carriers, even toys and clothes...whatever it may be. I love helping make the decisions a little less overwhelming. I've been there, and I know how intimidating it can be!

In addition to working at Itsy Bitsy Bums, I also work part time as a registered nurse. Outside of work I enjoy running, baking yummy treats, and spending quality time with my family.

My favorite things at IBB:

Lillebaby - I would be lost without my Lillebaby! It is such a good quality product, and it is so functional. I also LOVE the lumbar support, it makes it so much easier on my back. My husband loves our Lillebaby, too!

Lalabye Baby - This diaper is fabulous! I love that it can be a pocket or an all-in-two. My son goes to daycare part-time, so being able to stuff it like a pocket makes it so much easier on his teachers. Also, the colored snaps make it easy to keep track of where to snap and make sure we have a good fit every time. This diaper also can get so tiny, so it's perfect for those parents that are anxious to move on from newborn size and get to AIO sizing.

Grovia O.N.E. - This is a newer diaper for me still, but I have loved it from the second I first put it on the bum! Not only is it super easy to care for, but it is also super functional (noticing a pattern yet?). It can be hook and loop or snap. It can fit from 10 pounds up to 35+ pounds! AND, it doesn't require any prepping!

Grandma El's - This stuff is the best! Not only does it have an amazing scent, but it also works! Any time I notice just the slightest bit of redness, I put this on and it's gone in no time!

Rody - Rody is so much fun for kids of almost any age (and kids at heart). Little kids love grabbing Rody's soft ears and big kids of course love riding on Rody. You really can't go wrong with this guy!

Toofeze - Toofeze is such a good teether. My son has a hard time holding on to a lot of his teething toys, but this one is so easy for him to hold on to, and it doesn't get too cold for him to hold either. I love that you can just dip the metal disc in cold water and it doesn't have any of that goo that is normally in teethers.

Jellycat - These are the softest stuffed animals EVER! And not to mention the cutest! They make just about every animal. My favorite is Dudley the Dragon!

Logan & Lenora - Logan & Lenora makes the cutest wet bags! They all have adorable prints. Also, the sizes are great! The clutch is perfect for a quick trip, and the day tripper with its wet/dry design is great for daycare or a short getaway!

Baby Paper - Baby paper is a simple, yet genius product! My son has loved it from the second I first handed it to him. It makes a crinkly sound that keeps his attention longer than almost any toy he has!

Babiators - These sunglasses are wonderful! They stay on really good and usually don't drive my son crazy like other sunglasses. And of course they look adorable!