Daycare & Cloth

Interested in using cloth diapers full time but unsure if your daycare provider will agree? 
Oftentimes people hear 'cloth diapers' and imagine elaborate folding techniques, plastic ballooony pants and scary diaper pins toilet dunking. Childcare providers are likely no exception to this common misconception. 

Changing Perceptions - Diaper Changes
I highly recommend approaching your daycare provider armed with one of your diapers. (I suggest using an All-In-One, All-in-Two or Pocket, rather than something with a higher learning curve like Prefolds.) Show your provider how easy it is to get the diaper on and off your little one (or just show off the easy closures). Hopefully he or she will quickly realize that changing a cloth diaper is just as easy as changing a disposable diaper.

Changing Perceptions - Poo
Also bring a wet bag along to your demonstration. Explain the wet or dirty diaper can simply be thrown into the wet bag after each change, and there is no need for them to do anything different than they would with a disposable. At the end of the day you will take the dirty wet bag home and return the next day with a fresh supply of clean diapers and another wet bag.

Some providers prefer to use diaper pails. If this is the case, you could bring a new pail lined with a pail liner each day (would also make a great way to tote clean diapers). 
One note - some states mandate that dirty diapers are to be individually wrapped. If this is the case in your state, consider investing in small wetbags which can be thrown into a large wetbag or tote. Or, you could also buy some heavy-duty Ziploc bags and just rinse any dirty ones out each night. 

Also Consider
Make sure to keep an eye on your diapers. Note how many diapers you drop off and how many you pick up. It is not unlikely for a diaper to be 'misplaced' on occasion. If you anticipate your provider shirking their responsibility to replace lost goods, be sure to have the 'who will pay to replace it?' conversation upfront before it ever becomes an issue.

Doctors can write prescriptions for cloth diapers. If you find your child's health or bum improves with the use of cloth, consider asking your doctor for a prescription which your facility should then follow.

And remember, part time cloth diapering is just as important as cloth diapering full time! You are no less successful if you use disposables at daycare and cloth while at home!

Daycare on board, now what?
I recommend having a daycare-specific stash that doesn't change, so both you and your provider can settle into a routine.

Many people love the Planet Wise Medium Wet/Dry Bag as part of their daycare routine. Why?
  • The front pocket can be filled with clean diapers.
  • Bag's snapping handle makes it easy to tote to and fro, in addition to offering the care provider a method to hang near the changing table.
  • Care provider pulls clean diapers from the front pocket, and stuffs dirties in the back pocket. 
  • At the end of the day, tote your bag home and empty into your diaper pail.
  • Bag is just large enough for a full day's worth of diapers, but folds in half to easily tuck in the side of a diaper bag when empty.
How Many Do I Need?
It really depends on your budget and desired routine. Some people will use the same 8-10 diapers and wet bag for daycare. Others will multiply this out, so they are only washing once every other or every third day.

What Else Do I Need?
Care providers should have one designated tube of rash cream per child, so you can provide a tube of your favorite cloth-safe cream for them to have on hand.