Cloth Wipes

Cloth Wipes are easy! Yup, easy, and such a great option to pair with your cloth diapers. I'll admit, I'm infatuated with cloth wipes. They have saved us a small fortune and both reduce waste and keep a plethora of chemicals off baby's bottom.

Advantages of Cloth Wipes
  • $$ Savings: Thirsties estimates the average household spends over $500 per child on wipes alone
  • Environmental Savings: No longer are you throwing away hundreds and hundreds of wipes.
  • A Cleaner Bum: I personally find cloth wipes do such a better job cleaning the bum, thanks to soft yet scrubby cloth fibers.
  • No Need for a Nursery Trash! Just your diaper pail and you are covered.
  • Repurpose Following Your Diaper Days: a multitude of uses once your baby is out of diapers
How to Use?
  • Baby still exclusively breastfeeding? Simply wet, wipe baby's bottom clean and toss used wipe(s) into your diaper pail. Cloth wipes are washed with your diaper laundry.
  • Baby on formula or solids? Any soiled wipes will need to be cleaned off before laundry time. Diaper sprayers make quick work of this.
Best Way to Wet Cloth Wipes?
  • Squirt or spray bottle on the changing tableĀ 
  • Wet wipe on the way to the changing table
  • Wipes warmer (wet wipes, wring out and store in the warmer - be sure to swap out any unused wipes each time you do diaper laundry to ensure nothing gets musty)
More Cloth Wipe FAQs and Tips
  • What differentiates a Cloth Wipe from a Baby Washcloth?
    • Cloth wipes are thicker than a baby washcloth. Why do I love this? Because you never have to worry about a mess pushing through the wipe. In addition, cloth wipes stay soft even after years of use.
  • Cloth Wipes out and about? A few ways to do this:
    • Carry a premixed cloth wipe solution and dry wipes
    • Wet wipes before leaving the house - wring out well and store damp cloths in a wet bag
    • Carry a spray or squirt bottle of water and dry wipes
    • Tip - if you plan on storing your cloth wipes water in the diaper bag, I recommend using boiled or distilled water, or changing the water every few days.
  • Cloth wipes are not all or nothing! Some tips to integrate cloth wipes into your routine
    • Use disposable wipes out of the house, and cloth wipes at home
    • Formula or solids poop got you down? One of my favorite tips is to do the first pass with some toilet paper. Tuck the used TP inside the soiled diaper and set the bundle aside. Do the remaining cleanup with cloth wipes and toss those in the pail. When it comes time to deposit the diaper's contents into the toilet (using a sprayer, flushing the liner, dunk & swish), you can also flush the TP away.

Awesome - let's do this! Shop cloth wipes here.