cloth 101


Just starting out? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? I know how you are feeling, because I was once there myself (my first quick Google of 'cloth diapers' and I still remember my jaw hitting the keyboard with the thousands of results staring back at me).

I liken most people's first experiences in the world of cloth diapering to being dropped in the middle of Italy (for the sake of this analogy, if you do happen to speak Italian, pretend you don't). It is beautiful, there is so much to look at, but you don't quite know which direction to go first. After asking a lot of questions, or perhaps buying a book and perusing its contents for a few days, you begin to find spots you'd like to visit. You find favorite foods and you start to meet others learning their way through a new culture. Pretty soon you know exactly where you'd like to go, do, and you blend in with the locals. And eventually you cannot remember life any other way. It has become your new normal. Ciao bella!

Yes, this all applies to cloth diapering. Allow yourself time to travel up that learning curve, because you will soon have a great view from the other side!

Glossary/Common Abbreviations

Debunking Cloth Myths

Getting Everyone on Board

Is it too late to switch to cloth?

Isn't Cloth Bulky?

I'm ready to switch! Now what?!